W-cair bv is a Fortune Company and a commercial and social business. We will show you that you already have the keys to your happiness. It’s up to you to use it!

W-cair bv helps people to achieve a better quality of life through a no-nonsense and practical approach. Our strength lies particularly in the years of practical (business) experience.


W-cair bv provides the following services:

–  Personal and mental coaching
–  Courses and practical training
Interim management / consultant
–  Intervision
–  Arranging openings
Lectures / master classes / workshops


About Harry WijnhovenBannersamen
Harry Wijnhoven is the founder of W-cair bv. He is ia turnaround restructuring business manager, business economist, crisis manager, Inspirer, Mediator, Business transfer counselor, Integrity Manager, Interim Director, Solver executive coach, Realist, Human Experience, organization expert.

Extensive CV Harry Wijnhoven


More information
Please contact us for more information. You can send an e-mail to harry.wijnhoven@w-cair.nl or call +316 533 128 31.


”You do not have to be ill to get better”. – Harry Wijnhoven